Licensing a Food Business in the City and County of Denver

Food businesses operating within the city and county of Denver, including farmers’ market vendors, must comply with regulations intended to protect the food they store, prepare, and sell so that it is safe for consumers. Food regulations are set forth in the Denver Revised Municipal Code, Chapter 23. The regulations are approved by the Board of Environmental Health. Food businesses must comply with the City and County of Denver Retail Food Establishment Regulations. Manufacturers and wholesale food businesses may be required to comply with rules and regulations set forth by other regulatory agencies. Food businesses that fail to comply with applicable rules and regulations may be subject to Civil Penalties and Enforcement Actions. Note that licenses issued and inspections conducted by and for the city and county of Denver are not valid outside of this jurisdiction.

To start, consult the Public Health Inspection for more information on retail food establishment licensing, food manufacturing, mobile food establishment and food peddler information, and temporary retail food establishment and special event information.

In addition, all food businesses must maintain a current Denver Business and Professional license obtained through the Department of Excise and Licenses. The Department of Excise and Licenses can help determine which license is appropriate for your food business.